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This tag, unfortunately, again...

Enh.... oh, gosh, I have no idea how to say this. I am going to sound like a total selfish flake for this, but since I sort of am one, it seems appropriate.

I've talked it over with Hayley, and decided to close Unreal again.

This time, I can really say I'm sorry to do so. I'm terribly fond of Unreal, and I've really, honestly enjoyed playing with all of you. This game is kind of my baby, and I feel really bad that I can't give it the time and energy it deserves. To be frank, I haven't had enough time or energy for much of any RP lately, and I think it's well past time I got out of it - altogether, and indefinitely.

Several friends have suggested that I just pass on the reins, rather than shutting down the game entirely. Unfortunately, ah, this is where the "selfish" bit comes in, I like it so much I can't bear to give it up for adoption. (On the plus side, um, at least it's not an actual baby? :D;;)

I deeply apologize to everyone, especially those of you who just joined recently and never even got to participate in a battle, or apped and never got accepted (if you're reading this as well). I'm aware that I'm pulling the rug out from under an otherwise pretty healthy game, which is a rude thing to do under any circumstances. But I feel, in the long run, this is the best choice for me and for the game at large, as things stand. If anybody else had been the one to come up with it, Unreal could have really been something cool, and I'm sorry I couldn't be the one to make it that kind of game.

I've provided a list you can easily plug into the Admin Console and clean out your character journals' friendslists without trouble:

And I invite everyone (who's not already in them) to have a look at our affiliates. All of these are great and stable games in their own right, so if you're interested, they are good ones to give a shot!

Again, I'm really sorry for this. I doubt Unreal will be opening again in the future, but I still hope our paths will cross again, somewhere out there. Until then: happy gaming, everyone.

I'm in another world!...again.

 Hi, I'm Jayanne, and my character is Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series. I'm really new to LJ, so please forgive me if I mess up anything technical >_<; (is fearing that submitting this post will make something explode) I am not, however, new to roleplaying, so I should be okay in that regard. (preferably)

So... yeah. : D I look forward to posting here!

Y halo thar~

Hey everyone, more fres-- I mean another new person!

Name's Shannon, and I'm bring in Ziva David from NCIS. She's nice (once you get to know her) and she won't kill you (maybe, there's always the chance). She's in room 101B...with Larxene. oh that's gonna be good... :D

So please: friend add killswithclips   :)
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Hello, everyone, this is Mica with her first character here on unreal, Heero Yuy, of Gundam Wing fame!

...I hope I don't disappoint you all, and I'm sure we'll all get to be very good friends!

erhm....questions, comments?

Heero's in 104A, if you want to know, stuck with sealand, of all people.

This will result in either lulz, homicide, or lulzy homicide.

It's Feeding Time at the F****ing Zoo

Hey guys. It's Fade, bringing you my second character. Please welcome Viper, from the movie Doomsday. She's got a thing for leather, tattoos, homemade weapons, and eating people. Have fun with that ^^

This is my first time playing such a touchy-feely character, so I'd like to ask you to be patient with me while I figure her out.

Also, she thinks that free cake is awesome. Like, really awesome. And she doesn't use silverware. Takers for a thread?
Was I wild? Wrote the book!

It could be worth a fortune if it belonged to her!

Mel here, bringing character number four: Anastasia Romanov from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. She's wild, she's troublesome, she enjoys kicking those around her and smacking them around with intricately created eggs! She's rooming with Russia, to boot! She's looking forward to meeting everyone! ...Well, not everyone. But some people.

friend add princesshvibzik
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Hiatus for a little while due to homework. Shoulda called it two weeks ago. For an example, I had three papers due this last week, and only finished two of them on time, in favor of writing up the debriefing and week change.

Will return when I'm not three weeks behind. Will probably be three weeks behind here when I get back, but there's not much I can do about that, I guess.

EDIT: Disregard that, 'm back!

(no subject)

Nrrr... gonna have to call hiatus for a bit, guys. I'll still be on AIM and stuff, but I've been hit by the sick brick and have gotten homework tossed at me. I should be back by this weekend, though.
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J/k, it was an option after all.

It's a bit embarrassing to do this after insisting so hard that it wasn't an option, but since Episode 1 has been going on about a month and a half now-

It seems most of the contestants are wrapping up their threads there at this point, and the ones that aren't yet seem likely to go on for much, much longer than intended. So, after weighing the options, we've come to the conclusion that we should probably summarize the rest of the challenge and move on.

Everyone, please use this post to work out with the others what happens to your characters between your current time and 0:60!
(I will as well.)

The very first Week Change Post will be put up once all characters are summarized and accounted for, though we're also planning to hold a debriefing with the Announcer, in case anybody wants to strangle discuss the challenge with him.

Additionally, I deeply apologize to those muns whose characters didn't really get to participate at all. ´д` This level design turned out to be far too big for only twelve combatants, so I'll try to do better with Episode 2's Arena, and working the kinks out of the challenge system. I'm very sorry, and thank you so much for your continued patience.