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25 January 2009 @ 06:42 pm
Okay, this is probably going to be our last check in of the challenge.  So, we just wanna know where you're at at the moment, about what time-stamp you think you're at and what you're doing.  If you know how what you're doing's gonna end, don't hesitate to let us know!
Hi everyone, Kae here again! As you may have noticed, the pace of the Arena Challenge isn't being quite what we envisioned. (That is, it was originally supposed to end in three days, but we're not even all a third of the way through...)

It's very important that we keep it moving forward. For one thing, we can't open applications for new members until it's done - we've already had to push it back a week, and I really want to avoid having to make it "TBD". Also, closing the challenge prematurely isn't an option.

I do have a couple of suggestions for how to pick it up, which I hope will help.Collapse )

The other part of this post is, an opinion poll!

What do you think of Unreal so far? Good points, bad points, things we need to work on? Go ahead and post it here. We're always looking for player input to make our game a better place.
02 January 2009 @ 08:58 pm
Not that I was actually properly on hiatus, but if I was, I'd be back from it now, since I got back home this afternoon! ♥

The other thing I need to add is, I'd like to see if we can pick up the pace a little in the Challenge threads. Ideally we want everyone to aim for, by this Monday, being at T-0:30, but if that doesn't work, absolutely no later than T-0:20. This is just a slight problem, because, well, not everyone has even checked in yet.

Don't hesitate to work out specifics with other muns, or even just plain pester each other to post. I do strongly recommend hanging out in the unrealooc chat if you can, so that anybody can be easily reached in the same place. It's up to all of us to move along quickly!

That said, keep having fun in that Arena! (And of course, it's perfectly okay to continue backlogging stuff from before it, as you all probably know.)
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29 December 2008 @ 10:42 pm
Okay, briefly - we've had a little confusion about how people actually get where they're going, so hopefully this clears it up -

1. They took the train to an Arena staging area. (If they missed the train, they passed out and woke up in the staging area as the train was arriving. Sorry, conscientious objectors~)

2. In the staging area they get back their weapons and abilities.

3. They're also briefed on the game mode, objectives, and who their team is. This is also when they get to see the crappy map.

4. After that, they're teleported directly to their respective spawn points. (So that's their starting location, at 00:00.)

Everything in these 4 numbers happens off screen 'cause it would take too long to log. Logging starts at the respective initial bases at roughly 0:00-0:05.

Sorry about any confusion!
29 December 2008 @ 03:27 pm

(click to enlarge)

To get a feel for this place, imagine a once-thriving modern city that’s been firebombed halfway into oblivion. Buildings left with partial walls, partial floors, a thick smell of smoke and oil in the air, fallen rafters, twisted beams, and bits of it are still smoldering.

Buildings outlined in Green are still standing. They are in very poor condition, but not immediate danger of collapse. None are more than three stories tall. These cannot be entered, but fire escapes still provide roof access.

Buildings outlined in Red have collapsed completely. They are large piles of rubble.

Orange indicates a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. Yellow sections are preexisting breaks in the fence.

The two buildings outlined in both colors have only partially collapsed.

Location Threads

  • Courthouse area. The building is partially collapsed. Otherwise, pseudo-Grecian architecture – marble columns, etc – on the outside.
    Checkpoint: out front, by the flagpole.
    Links to: Central (by road); Plaza (by road); Airfield (break in the fence).
  • Airfield. Contains half a runway (the far end can’t be accessed) and a hangar. The hangar contains two large planes, and the runway three smaller ones. All are inoperative.
    Checkpoint: inside, in the middle of the hangar.
    Links to: Courthouse (break in the fence); Central (by road); Junkyard (break in the fence).
  • Junkyard. Contains lots of piles of metal and plastic garbage. Not all of them are stable. The widest path between them leads to the Airfield.
    Checkpoint: way in the corner, within sight of the road.
    Links to: Central (by road); Airfield (break in the fence); Plaza (by road).
  • Plaza. A cobblestone square with a once-graceful fountain in the center. Now, the fountain depicts a headless woman with water shooting forcefully out of her neck.
    Checkpoint: right next to the fountain.
    Links to: Central (by road); Courthouse (by road); Junkyard (by road).
  • Central. Mostly collapsed buildings. Its only interesting feature is a gas station.
    Checkpoint: under the gas station canopy.
    Links to: Courthouse (by road); Airfield (by road); Junkyard (by road); Plaza (by road).

Entry Points


Kurosaki Raiga

Duo Maxwell




Game Mode: King of the Hill (two teams - Red and Blue)

In King of the Hill, there are five checkpoints spaced at intervals about the playing field. Your team’s objective is to control at least three of them when the clock runs out.

The checkpoints are large crystals (a la save crystals in FF12). When no team is in control of them, they are white. When your team is in control of them, they are your team’s color. Each team begins with two checkpoints, leaving one neutral checkpoint in the center.

To take a checkpoint, you must stand within 5 feet of it for 30 seconds, over the course of which it will change to your color. This rate is the same regardless of how many allies are present. However, progress will stop if no allies remain within the five-foot radius, or if an enemy enters it.

As an added bonus, entering the effect radius of an allied checkpoint will partially heal you (e.g. heal scratches and bruises, make a broken limb usable again). If this were a video game, it would restore about 50% of your HP.

Neutral and enemy checkpoints will not heal you, and the healing effect of allied checkpoints can only be used once every five minutes.

Tags for this match: !episode 1, *field: industrial apocalypse

Dates: December 29 - January 12


All characters will be taken to the staging area at the arena by train. Those who don't get on the train will still end up at the staging area after a brief period of passing out and waking up. There, your characters will receive their weapons and get briefed on the challenge off-screen. The crew's made sure to tell your characters not to worry about hurting anyone, though they don't specify a reason.

Also, I hope those characters who received a prize in the Backstage Challenge have gotten that map memorized because THIS is the map they're going to see.
27 December 2008 @ 09:25 pm
A note: As of midnight this morning, applications are temporarily closed. They will reopen on Friday, January 9 (about three days before the challenge ends).

Another note: The Arena Challenge will begin in two days, which means tomorrow is the last day to participate in the Backstage Challenge post. After that, Mag will stop responding to it.

A quarter note:
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25 December 2008 @ 06:05 pm
Hey guys! Kae here again, hope you're all having a super special awesome Christmas (and/or Holiday)-

I'm gonna be out of town to visit family between Dec. 26th (tomorrow) and Jan. 2 (next Friday), but despite that, I'm gonna try to not actually go on hiatus. I'd expect me to be scarce on IM and maybe kind of slow to tag, but I'll nonetheless try to get online as much as possible.

Our first Arena Challenge will still start on Monday the 29th, so don't forget! I know I'm sure excited for it! ♥
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15 December 2008 @ 08:53 pm
Hey all. I'm Sceadu and I'll be playing Larxene from the Kingdom Hearts series.

For those of you don't either remember me from the first incarnation of Unreal or know me from other RPs, you can find me on AIM at sceadugesceaft or my RL LJ (which only gets sporadically updated) at hitokiri_neko.
15 December 2008 @ 09:47 pm
Aaaand Mel's here again with character number three. Already. SHUT UP. This time I bring you Raspberyl from Disgaea 3! She's a delinquent demon, which means she will be pleasant, polite, and always try to help out when she can.

friend add modeldelinquent
15 December 2008 @ 09:07 am
Today is the 15th, and as promised, I am proud to announce that Unreal is now open! Check this BB post from the Announcer for your first weekly announcements.

Posting access to unreal_rpg and unreal_bb has been activated. So, you can intro your characters at any time, either in the RPG comm or through a journal entry, however you're most comfortable.

Just a reminder, please make sure you've added everyone on the Friend Add List!

The first Arena Challenge will start Dec 29. Anybody who still wants to get an app in prior to that, they're open through Dec 26.

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